Key Dates

Submission Deadline(Full paper)June 30,  2018
Submission Deadline(Abstract)June 24,  2018
Author notificationwithin 2 weeks
Final versionJuly 31, 2018
RegistrationJuly 31, 2018
Main conferenceOct. 26-282018   

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Distinguished experts are welcome to join in and work on the international review boards of ICSTTE 2018 and serve as a scientific committee member of us, please send you cv to


Ms. Anna H. M. Wang



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We invite submissions on a wide range of research topics, spanning both theoretical and systems research. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Transportation Engineering

·         Transportation planning and system optimization

·         Transportation Infrastructure and Built Environment

·         Sustainability Issues in Transportation

·         ITS theory and applications

·         Traffic control and information technology 

·         Flat Panel Display Technology

·         Transportation and socioeconomic development

·         Transportation security, environmental protection, and sustainable development

·         Urban public transportation planning and management high-speed railway planning, construction, and operation organization

·         Transportation Safety

·         Transportation Planning

·         Air Transportation

·         Marine Transportation

·         Metropolitan Transportation

·         Freight Transportation 

·         Emergency Response Systems and Technologies

·         Intelligent Transportation Systems

·         Energy Saving and Alternative Energy

·         Automotive Exhaust Treatment and Environment Protection Technologies

·         Transportation Infrastructure (Pavement, Bridge)

·         Highway Maintenance and Management

·         Transportation Management, Economics and Policy

·         Vehicle Operations

·         Rail and Transit Systems

·         Water Transportation

·         Security and Monitoring Systems

·         Travel Behavior Modeling

·       Transport Geography

·       Transport Dynamics

·       Locomotive & Rolling Stock Technology

·      Civil engineering

·      Signal and communication technology

Logistic Engineering 

·         Systems of supply chain performance measurement

·         Controlling methods for supply chains

·         Innovative IT systems as performance drivers (SOA etc.)

·         Benefit allocation of IT-based performance drivers among supply chain partners

·         Agent-based simulation/other simulation approaches

·         Quantitative and qualitative performance measures

·         Efficiency of profit and risk sharing in supply chain networks

·         Performance of suppliers and service providers

·         Performance aspects of logistics node design

·         Interrelationships between management methods and supply chain performance

·         Measurement of soft factors in supply chains

·         Radio frequency identification (RFID) as supply chain performance driver

·         Performance-focused analysis of interorganizational business relations

·         Performance effects of infrastructure management

·         Sustainability and supply chain performance

·         Innovative concepts for modelling, simulation and optimization of transportation networks

·         Managing logistics service quality

·         Development of key performance indicators (KPI) for supply chains

·         Risk Management and SC Performance

·         Financial and non-financial performance measurement

·         Implications of bottlenecks for supply chain performance

·         Effects of complexity on supply chain performance

Urban Planning and Design Research (UPDR) 

·         Urban Planning and Design Research (UPDR)

·         Environmental Assessment

·         Land use planning

·         Underground utilities

·         Infrastructure management

·         Renewal legislation

·         Transportation planning

·         Urban history, Preservation and conservation

·         Urban ecology

·         Sustainable development

·         Transportation and highway design

·         Urban aesthetics and townscape

·         Diverse communities of interest

·         Property development

·         Local and regional identity

·         Urban development and management

·         Design control and guidance

·         Practice and implementation

·         Heritage, Local and regional identity

·         Urban structure and form

·         Urban regeneration

·         Other related topics

Modern Transportation (MT)

·         Highway transport

·         Railway transport

·         Air transport

·         Water transport

·         Marine engineering

·         Rail transit

·         Vehicles operation engineering

·         Survey & design of traffic line

·         Transportation systems engineering

·         Transportation technological economics

·         Transportation security

·         Traffic construction and management

·         Engineering project management

·         Transportation information technology

·         Traffic flow control

·         Energy saving technology of transportation

·         Intelligent transportation technology

·         Industry of new energy transportation

·         Nano coating, surface and films

·         Nano structural materials and devices

·         Energy saving and environmental regeneration materials

·         Material processing and molding technology

·         Modeling and simulation

·         Materials engineering experiment

·         Other related topics